May 24, 2011

Escape Artist

Austin tried to escape the other day. He isn't even walking on his own yet, but gets around the house extremely well just crawling or walking and holding on to furniture. Now he's found the doors and the doorknobs and understands that they have a purpose. I heard the doorknob rattling, and found him standing next to the door with the door handle almost down. Thankfully he's not tall enough to reach the dead bolt.

f/2.0, 1/1250 sec, ISO 100

Anyway, I took this opportunity to snap some photos. I've always loved photography, and in the last year I've been really trying to learn a little more about photography. I finally bought my dream camera last year when Austin was born - a Canon DSLR - and I figured because I spent a pretty penny on it, I might as well learn everything about it.

One major thing I've learned so far is that lighting is pretty important. I read somewhere that a cool trick to get good lighting indoors is to open your front door and place your subject just inside. You could do this at the front door, in the garage with the garage door open, or even just next to a big window. Just somewhere that gives you access to good daylight.

I think it worked out pretty well. These photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera, no editing at all). What do you think?

f/2.8, 1/160 sec, ISO 100
f/2.0, 1/800 sec, ISO 100


  1. oh, you sound like me! I've been doing the same thing, started about a year ago and now I only shoot in manual mode. It's so much fun, isn't it? :) Your photos look great, and I love the open door idea, except my kids would probably run out the door before I got the photo. Shooting indoors is SO hard for lighting!

  2. @Suzanne - it was tricky to get Austin to stay put - he really wanted out! I've been practicing with indoor photos more and I must say it's so much easier with the DSLR - I've discovered that setting a custom white balance really helps indoors. Maybe a subject for another post!