October 2, 2009

Pink Floppy Dog

My niece turned 2 on Tuesday, and for her birthday I knitted the Floppy Dog from "Knitted Toys: 25 Fresh and Fabulous Designs". I chose pink and hollyberry to make it girly, and it turned out pretty cute, despite the fact that I discovered it wasn't such an easy task. The knitting part was fine, it was just sewing all the seams, and then sewing the arms, legs, ears, and tail to the body that really wasn't fun for me. I'm just hoping that with more practice it will become more enjoyable, because in the end, it really did turn out cute.

I also forgot to take a good picture of the finished project, so I only have the pics of Ally unwrapping it. She even gave it a big hug, and of course my camera died right at that moment. Oh well!