January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Not unlike most knitters, my goal this year is to tackle my giant yarn stash! It's really quite ridiculous how much yarn I've accumulated. My grandmother gave me a HUGE tote bag for Christams (one of my favorite gifts) and it only holds about a quarter of the yarn I have. But I have plans for a lot of it already. When I first started knitting (which the anniversary of that day was yesterday....three years!), I couldn't understand how anyone could own so much yarn. I was a "buy yarn for a specific project" type of knitter, but now I  totally get it. I have even made an agreement with myself not to buy anymore yarn. Yarn is addicting!

Anyhoo, I have a few more really boring resolutions this year:

1) Get in shape by starting up my walking routine again.

Yeah, this is a pretty boring one. And so typical of a new year's resolution. I actually took a walk yesterday, and it seems if I start my new year's resolution on new year's eve, it might stick. Like knitting.

2) Read more books, especially those I've bought a while back and never started.

Kinda goes along with the yarn thing. I could just call this one Destash, and it can include yarn, books, and anything I've accumulated and haven't used yet.

3) Eat better

See?   Boooorrring.

4) Publish five more knitting patterns.

This is actually a really exciting one. I LOVE writing patterns. And I have so many ideas for new designs. It just takes a LOT of time. But I will find it. Even if it's at midnight.

So that's it. Anyone have any cool resolutions this year?