December 3, 2010

Hats, Hermione and The Holiday

I decided to try and adapt the pattern of the hat I made Austin to fit an adult (and without earflaps), but unfortunately, it's still too small for my head. Maybe I have a big head? Actually, I started to run out of yarn ( I was using some leftover acrylic yarn in my stash because this was experimental and acrylic is cheap) so that's why I couldn't really make it the size I intended. I can actually fit the hat on my head, but it's a little short, and a bit tight. But it fits Audrey PERFECTLY.  Someday I might write up this pattern and post it here to share!

Me: Audrey, I made you a new hat! Come try it on!
Audrey: Oooh, really? Oh, I don't want grey.
Me: Ok, well just try it on and see if it fits so I can give it to someone else then.

So, now I'm browsing Ravelry and searching for new hat patterns. And came across this one. So cute, I think I might start this one tonight!

And so, after reading that blog post, I thought  - wow, if someone managed to make a hat inspired from a movie, I'm sure someone probably tried to write up a pattern of the sweater Cameron Diaz wore in the movie The Holiday. I LOVE that sweater. I recenly watched this movie and can't stop thinking about this sweater now that the weather is chilly. I just love watching that movie just so I can go ga-ga over that sweater. So I searched Ravelry, and voila! Here's a blog post about this sweater. Maybe I'll start this one after Christmas!