April 23, 2010

Pink Baby Shoes

Even though I currently have two projects going right now, guess what I did? I started another one. This is what I like to call 'Knitting ADD'. I couldn't resist these cute little baby shoes I saw in my '50 Baby Booties to Knit' book. The pattern is called "Bee Shoes", but I changed the colors. I'm using the same yarn from the pink baby hat, and thought I'd make another hat to match these shoes.

While this was an extremely quick project, the problem is the finishing. There's an awful lot of sewing involved, to sew together the top of the shoe to the sole, and then weave in all the loose ends. Not my favorite part. The other problem is that I have to make another one to match, which means double the sewing! Yuck. I wonder if these will ever get finished! Actually, I will finish them. These are so freakin' cute! That's my determination. It's also one of the lessons I've learned from knitting (and there are a lot!): Not everything in life is pure bliss, and even the things we enjoy require a bit of hard work to get to the fun part.

Final pics to come soon, I promise!

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