April 30, 2010

Big Sister

Audrey is doing so well in her new role as Big Sister. She loves her little brother to pieces, always asking to see him, tickle him, hug him, kiss him. There's not one ounce of jealousy.
She always asks to hold him, then immediately tells me "He's too heavy!" Yes, we know.

Austin scratched his nose pretty bad with his fingernail yesterday. I had just trimmed them, but apparently that seems to just make them sharper. Audrey saw him this morning and yelled "Mommy! There's something wrong with Austin's nose! Come look!"

I told her that he scratched it, but it would heal and be all better soon. She looked relieved.

Thirty minutes later Audrey looks at Austin and then tells me "Mommy, Austin's nose isn't better yet".

Thank heaven for big sisters!

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