April 6, 2010

Baby hat and onesie

One of my good friends just had a baby girl, so I decided to knit a little hat with some of the leftover yarn I used for the Pink Floppy Dog. I made up my own design, and it actually came out alright! But hey, it's a hat. How hard could that be?

I thought I would try to find a cute outfit to go with the hat, but I couldn't find anything anywhere that matched the colors in the hat. Even the lady at Gymboree did a terrible job trying to help me. I think she just wanted me to buy anything.

A few weeks ago I was browsing some crafty blogs, and discovered freezer paper stenciling. You can paint any design you want onto an item of clothing, or anything fabric, using a stencil made with freezer paper. The freezer paper has a plastic coating on one side that you iron on to your shirt (or whatever) which creates a seal so the paint doesn't bleed out of the stencil. What a great idea! I decided to make some onesies to match the hat.

I didn't think to take any action shots, so all I have is the finished product. I went with my own freehand design using my handy dandy freehand cutter I have for scrapbooking. You can also print or trace a picture onto the freezer paper and cut out with an X-acto knife. This was so much fun, and somewhat addicting. I think I'll be making a bunch more very soon.


  1. So cute Laura! Great job! Love your new blog header too, reminds me I really want to learn photoshop so I can do some fun stuff like that too. :)

  2. Thanks Suzanne! My sister got me Photoshop for Christmas and I'm finally just starting to figure it out.