March 31, 2012

Staring me in the face

I have to confess - knitting is pretty much always on my mind. It's like an addiction and I sometimes wonder if I should seek help. And now that I'm starting to write patterns, new ideas for new patterns pop into my head at the most random times. Like, when I'm at church and this woman in front of me is wearing a sweater with a really intersting lace pattern and I start thinking about how I can make that pattern into a scarf or a hat or maybe even some cool fingerless gloves. I'm sure God is staring down at me thinking, Seriously?

Most of the time ideas pop into my head when I'm driving to and from work. I have a long drive, so there is plenty of time for thinking. About yarn. About knitting. About writing patterns. At least it makes the drive go fast. Sometimes I wonder how I even make it to work!

I had some leftover teal and pink cotton yarn from the the Little Star Sweater I made a while back and was trying to figure out what to do with it. I set the yarn down on my needle case, and went to do something else. Later on, I noticed the yarn just sitting there, and I was suddenly inspired by the color combos of the yarn and the pattern on my needle case. The idea was staring me in the face. Pink, teal, lime green, white, and brown. So cute.

That's when the idea for a new pattern came into my head and I had to go buy more yarn. I had to. That's how you destash. You buy more yarn. Makes perfect sense, right?

And how perfect that Knitpicks had the exact colors I needed?

So my idea is a little dress for Audrey. And when it's finished, I will post pics. Someday. I'm not making any promises as to how soon this will be finished, but someday.

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