June 13, 2010


My nearly three-year-old daughter is a real life version of Goldilocks.

My mom told me the other day that Audrey doesn't like using the little potty at her house. Apparently, she said it was too small. So my mom asked her if she wanted to use the big potty, but she said it was too big. Guess the potty we have here at home is just right.

And then there's the milk thing. When she began drinking regular cow's milk, she would only drink it warm. Which was fine when we were home, but if we went out somewhere and ordered a glass of milk, it was a little embarassing to ask if they could warm the milk. Eventually Audrey got used to drinking cold milk at restaurants, but still insists we warm it at home. And if I don't warm it enough, she tells me it's too cold.

So I asked her once, "It's not hot enough for you?"

"No mommy, I don't want it hot. I don't want it cold. I want it warm."

Ok, Goldilocks.

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